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G0012 - By Svenja, 27th January, 2019

This book is a lot, it is informative, encouraging, inspiring and entertaining. Mango finds words and arguments where I was getting stuck in discussions with others, especially meat eaters. As he states throughout the book, he is not talking about a pure diet, he is talking about a philosophy, a lifestyle and for me it is a spiritual path. His explanations encouraged me to keep on walking my path and be less afraid of other people and possible difficulties.


I read a few other books around the topics already and even have an educational background with nutrition but nowhere else I learned about other areas of life where my decision to live a non-violent life will have an impact on, e.g. having pets of any kind. He is also not afraid of pointing on issues where it is not possible or nearly impossible to live in accordance with all requirement of Eden Fruitarianism, e.g. because of animal products being used as fertilisers and animals being kills while pruning trees.As long as there is some openness on your side, I recommend this book to everyone because it can open your eyes to what impact your everyday decisions have and that what we consider normal is actually insane.


And still it is so entertaining to read because of Mango's honest, direct and humorous way of writing.I love his vision of the future, I am grateful that I could read this book and know them out there. And I am hoping for even more inspiring and motivating reads and conversations.

G0011 - By Sarah Cutting, 26th March, 2018

Both Destination Eden and The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook are writings of profound truth and are must reads for all! They have the power to bring peace, love and joy to the whole planet. As well as the valuable wisdom shared in the books, they were also very enjoyable to read, giving me a good laugh in parts! They also contain what I needed to hear to support my own journey to happiness. I'm now looking forward to reading the Discovering Eden Fruitarianism volumes.

G0010 - By Brian, 18th March, 2018

If I was only able to give my children one book to read when they were older, this would be it.

The Ultimate in Human Kindness, Compassion, and Intelligence is Mango Wodzak. His book Destination Eden: Fruitarianism Explained is the most profound book I’ve ever read.
It’s one of those rare books that the only time I wanted to put it down was to ponder what I had just read. A book I didn’t want to end. Mango’s common sense on a wide range of different topics in our world blew me away.

G0009 - By Morten Olsen, 7th March, 2018

WOW, this book is just amazingly written with so much great insight and information, and funny too!
Very thought-provoking.

G0008 - By Jemma Masters, 24th October, 2017

very inspirational book, full of clarity, insight and an abundance of challenges. I wish I'd read this 15 years ago, my life could have been very different!
Mango writes from his heart and has a wonderful sense of humour to lighten the atmosphere. the book is full of great quotes that make it a book you can pick up and read comfortably from any page and still gain insight by doing so.

G0007 - By Deepak Supra, 15th October, 2017

I've been eating raw vegan since 2008, and Mango has inspired me to go one step further and choose fruit as my main and staple food. His philosophy is packed with what he calls uncommon sense and this is surely true. Here in rural India there are certain times of the year when living on fruit is very easy!
But please don't fall into the trap of thinking this book is solely about fruit, his philosophy goes so much further and it would benefit the world and everyone living in it for everyone to read and try and understand the aim and direction of Mango's vision.

G0006 - By Markus Ziman, 8th October, 2017

Mango Wodzak's book is a rarity, just like Mango himself, an earthling gem that seems to have come from another dimension.
It's like an acid trip, an expanding tool to enrich your brain and your soul.
I never read an entire book in my life, and this one was my first.
The following ones will be his other two books.
The reason I was never able to entirely read a book, is because I got bored.
There were passages I didn't understand, things I didn't agree with, and many things that could have been explained in a more effective and pleasant way.
Not only I read the whole book, but several times, and I'm sure I'll l read it again.
It's like listening to a an excellent record, the music will be the same, but it will make you experience all those magic feelings that can't be bought and cannot be experienced otherwise.
This book is a piece of art that entertains you and educates you.
It will stand to the end of time.
It's a book for our present to preserve our future.
It's about ethics, compassion, health and nature.
From my view point it's not just a book about a certain kind of philosophy that you may or may not like, because that philosophy is based on facts.
Therefore it's difficult to label it.
It also shows you how to live in a sustainable and cruelty free way

It's an  out of sight book,  full with excellent quotes.

G0005 - By Jasmin Martin, 23rd May, 2017

This is a book about philosophy, not about fruitarianism. I have experimented with this diet, and so I understand the philosophy, so I think reading it was the wrong choice for me. The author states he is not a trained nutritionist and doesn't care about scientific details, which I can sympathise with. I think its worth reading if you want to learn about the principles and values behind being fruitarian. If you're looking for a how to manual, then this isn't it.

[NOTE From Mango:  -I view fruitarianism as just as much a philosophy as I do veganism.. neither are diets in my view. So Jasmin is 100% right, the focus of this book is not diet, but ethics, and learning to bring our actions more in tune with our true selves]

G0004- By Wesley Coles, 8th November, 2016

This book blew my mind. I don't think there are any other books on veganism, raw food and fruitarianism that are quite like this one, it's unique in that it goes further than any other book on these subjects.
Mango is clearly the Arnold Ehret of the 21st century, and I'd recommend his work to everyone seriously interested in health, spirituality and compassion and care for all life on earth.

G0003 - By Michael Lanfield, 20th October, 2015

Destination Eden is clearly one of the true spiritual-ethical books everyone needs to read in order to awaken and understand what our true biological diet and lifestyle needs are. If we are to survive as a species and co-exist with other beings, we need to understand that "Eden Fruitarian", as Mango Wodzak coined, is what we need to embrace in our lives if we want to create a world of peace and love. No longer can we argue against the fact, that eating food from the Garden of Eden is what our bodies' are biologically designed for. A highly recommended book for everyone

G0002 - By Kerryn Gutmanis, 8th February, 2015

This book is amazing. Mango's thoughts are provocative and extreme. He is respectful in his tone, yet does not mince words. Do not expect a step by step how-to booklet on becoming a fruitarian. The reader is encouraged to change his or her thinking, their view of the 'topsy-turvey' world we live in, and apply the new ideas to their everyday life at the rate the reader feels ready.
I highly recommend this book. I am coming to the end of my fifth reading of it.

G0001 - By Christina, 8th December, 2013

I didn't agree with everything in the book but it was still an enjoyable read. I especially liked all the quotes, jokes, cartoons scattered throughout the book.


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