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A0044 - By Megan Conley, 9th May, 2019 - Get This Book

One of the best books I have ever read on this topic!!!!! The whole world needs to read this.

Thank you Mango Wodzak for the time and effort spent creating this. It will change many lives.

A0043 - By Chayla L., 22nd August, 2018 - Great Read! Couldn't Put it Down.

I plan to follow this lifestyle soon and loved how this book flowed. I found myself picking it up to read it at every free moment. This lifestyle is so energetic, enlightening, healing, and cruelty free. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering veganism, vegan, raw vegan, or on the fruitarian path.

A0042 - By Laetitia H., 14th June, 2018 - An infinite source of inspiration

I'm vegan since 3 years and even if I'm not raw or fruitarian, somehow, life is guided me to Mango's books and even to his place in Australia! I bought this book after seeing a video of Mango on Facebook where he was explaining his beautiful ethical lifestyle as a eden fruitarian in the middle of fruit trees. I was directly hooked, what he was saying intrigued me and appeared to be the truth for me. So I bought Destination Eden and I was not disappointed at all! I love how he writes with humour, and all his arguments are very logical for me. He's really practising love on every level of his life and soul. And even if you don't agree with all of it, it is a great educational book, you're gonna learn so much about how to live up to the most ethical standard. It is not about health, fitness and all those (bullsh*t) fads but about Love, compassion, intuitive eating and animal rights!

Like me, you won't necessarily go fruitarian overnight or at all but you'll certainly be very inspired and you'll feel like the Light hits you hard haha!

Thank you Mango for spreading your beautiful ethical lifestyle, much love to you and to anyone reading my long review :-)

A0041 - By BF, on 19th March, 2018 - In a League of its Own

If I was only able to give my children one book to read when they were older, this would be it.

The Ultimate in Human Kindness, Compassion, and Intelligence is Mango Wodzak. His book Destination Eden: Fruitarianism Explained is the most profound book I’ve ever read.

It’s one of those rare books that the only time I wanted to put it down was to ponder what I had just read. A book I didn’t want to end. Mango’s common sense on a wide range of different topics in our world blew me away.

A0040 - By Michael Pettet, on 11th January, 2018 - I Highly Recommend it!

It was the most fascinating book on fruitarianism. I highly recommend it to those who are interested in vegan,  raw,  raw vegan, or fruitarian paths. The future as Mango forsee's it is one of the most original visions I have encountered. A great read.  Spiritual and practical.

A0039 - By Mitchel J. Haas, 29th July, 2017 - A real eye-opener, delivered with empathy and compassion.

I've been a vegetarian for the last 40 years, vegan for 8 years, and finally fruitarian for the last 3 years. I was still surprised to learn a lot from this book. My reasons, like Mango's are ethical, and also environmental. The book pointed out a lot of areas where I was still disillusioned, regarding pets, cooked food, and more. A good book to get you motivated, or stay motivated, to stay on the path to the ultimate lifestyle. Not everyone can achieve it, but it's always good to strive for and towards.

A0038 - By Yana Krakin, 16th June 2017 - Great Book

It's a pretty interesting book, although I don't agree with the author by calling this book Destination Eden. As he explains in the book the reason he called it that way is because he believes in fruitarianism practiced by Adam and Eve, however, he refuses to eat greens, seeds and coconuts. According to the bible, Adam and Eve DID eat all kinds of greens and seeds as well as fruits. I am convinced that people should eat greens and herbs along with fruits. The book should be named differently in my opinion.
Otherwise, I learned a lot from this book, I think it was definitely worth buying but as with every book I filter all the info in it. I am planing to buy other books from Mango.

A0037 - By Ken Legg, 12th June, 2017 - A Great Message shared with Compassion and Experience.

Great book about fruitarianism. Mango walks his talk having personally experienced being a fruitarian for many years. He writes with a lot of passion, compassion & experience. His message clearly conveyed whilst his writing style is interesting, light & easy reading. He has an uncomplicated message to share & this book will influence a lot of people over time, is a worthy read for anybody interested in veganism & fruitarianism & who cares for the creatures on the planet & for the environment. I can readily recommend it.

A0036 - By David, 12th March 2017 - The Biggest most Amazing Download of Knowledge

This Book is Supreme. This is not hero worship either. This Author speaks from the heart, daring to address more issues of the world than I could dare to think of. It is in your face. No political correctness here. In plain english Mango addresses the one and only correct path to perfection when it comes to a peaceful coexisting way of life, and the only true karmically-free, correct way to eat. Such a way of life brings on healing for our body, mind and spirit for everyone, including thoses with stuborn health issues that no other diet tried, seems to bring relief from. I speak of those whose many efforts at different lifestyles have not worked for them, and those poor souls who are accussed of not trying hard and long enough at each of those programs. Those that are left on the sidewalk to waste away as unhelpable misfits. I know this to be true, because I suffered from health problems (some extreme) that could not be solved by other strictly followed, long-term diet plans. I tried lots, from paleolithic, to high fat, to omnivore, to vegetarian, to vegan, to raw vegan, to high in seeds and nuts and oils, to Mc Douhgall, and to Robert Morse. All seemed to leed towards an all-fruit lifestyle. Mango's book was the only literature I could find on the topic. I went ahead and bought it. From the first chapter, until the last I was engrossed by the most massive information download I have ever had, about some of many topics I had never even thought about. However, a lot of his book rang true to my own beliefs I had when I was a child, about Eden and an all-fruit lifestyle. That was drowned out as I grew up, and a yearning back to that way of thinking, only came about through the painful years of growing up with an ever increasing number of health problems, and spirtual mis-guidance. So I read on, through his book. His journey sounded just like mine, almost as if I were reading my own biography. It was quite surreal.

Anyway, I have applied his guidance of an all-fruit lifestyle and no chemical applications, for months at a time. Through doing this, relief from my health problems was finally brought about. Anything I say will not convey how happy I was to escape the clutches of ill health and even some addictions. Suffice it to say, his methodology was the only path that finally worked for me.
I now find that when I stray from this path, only a few symptons start to creep back in. I now know exactly why this happens. This book has the answers. If you want an amazing, spirit-opening journey to embark on in this life, I feel it would be an incredible waste to skip over this book.

If you want the peak of the mountain of knowledge for mind, body and spirit, buy it. If you are a lover of truth, no matter where that truth leads you, even at first, if you don't like it, buy this book. If you are a true lover of truth, this book will transform you, and the world will fall in suit as the positive changes you make to your own life reverberate to those around you.
When I was an omnivore, I looked 15 years older than what I was. When I went to veganism I looked about 5 years younger than what I was. When I went to mostly all fruit 80+% with long intermittent periods of all-fruit living, I now look 15 years younger than what I am......

Don't believe me? Do it for yourself. I love it now when I meet new people at work who complain to me about getting colds too often, back problems, digestive problems, being too fat, tiredness, etc. Those who listen to my excitedly expressed self testimony, try the lifestyle out for a few days to a week. They get back to me in e-mails telling me how their problems were massively reduced, some completely cured. Then unfortunately, because of their habbits and lifestyle revert back to their old ways. I like to think though, I have left an impact on them and with time, as they age and suffer more, they will remember the key to reducing their pain and maybe even change their lifestyle for good. Just spreading that light as much as I can to help the world towards Eden, just that little bit more, is the best I can do. I never have written a review for public consumption when it comes to this sort of thing. The only reason I am doing it this time, is because it was the only lifestlye that fixed me. I threw out all my other (now considered) crappy health books. Mangos book, along with an undergrad book on A&P is now, the only two books on my bookshelve. So much less to read, and yet so much more knowledge than all the other mis-fit health books combined.
Some have critiszised Mango's style of writing. Trust me, if you need desperate real help, and truth that will rattle your cage like never before, you won't care how he writes. Only a casual reveiwer would. Myself personally, I think his style of writing is awesome, unique, daring and in your face. But if you do not want the hard facts, then you need to run to find something that will just tiggle your ears and have a feeeeeel good factor, with lots of self-convinced compromises to harming other life.
Best wishes on your journey.

A0035 - By Laetitia H., 30th January 2017 - Highly Recommended!

The most inspirational book I've read in a long time! A must read for everyone, really! It is not about diet but about how to live the most ethical and compassionate way of life! Highly recommended!

A0034 - By SS, 18th January 2017 - Very Good Book!

Very good book. It has a style completely different from Robert Morse or Douglas Graham . It is in connection with the earth and everything that surrounds us. Your perception will change after you read it.

A0033 - By Peachy, 31st December, 2016 - A must read for all those who care about the world.

Mango Wodzak makes an intelligent, passionate and very well written case for fruitarianism. This book should be made part of the curriculum in school. It teaches why it is important to live on fruit only and how this has the potential to make this planet into Eden. It also gives tips on how to change to a fruit based diet.
If you are interested in taking veganism further, or just another point of view, than this is the book for you. I could not put it down until the last page. A great read!

A0032 - By Maurive Ottey, 31st December, 2016 - Life Changing Lecture

Mango is a visionary and the greatest utopist I know so far. I cried tears of joy many times while reading his positive and idealistic approach of our world. This book transformed me for the better.
The Eden fruitarian lifestyle has a tremendous potential for turning this world into the paradise we all dream of, and yet the logic behind it is so simple. I am grateful to you Mango for having the courage to write this book.
Much love to you!

A0031 - By Duryan A LaTienda, 25th December, 2016 - Excellent Description of True Fruitarianism

This book has changed my view on fruitarianism, and has simplified my approach very much. Many food conscious and natural living folks i know get caught up in marketing hype, as well as overly scientific explanations that are not necessary for the lay person to understand. Mango does a great job of laying out a curriculum for living fruitarian. He also lays out a rather desirable, but very lofty and utopian idea on how the world should be, or could be. Im in agreement though, and highly recommend this book.

A0030 - By Daniel Winsor, 2nd December, 2016 - An Amazing Insight

This book has so much to give.
It gave me an intimate insight into a truly special mind.
It shared with me a vision for the future of our planet and all earthlings.
It gave me laughs, realizations, warmth on the soul, and most of all faith in myself and my fellow humans to move collectively towards a better world and a higher state of consciousness.
You will not find this book 100 percent agreeable, I certainly didn't. It will challenge many things you hold firm and dear to you. But if approached with an open mind, you will pick up many golden nuggets of wisdom and knowledge.
Mango is a truly special man with a huge heart and many things in this book he gives freely from his own experience and I would like to thank him for sharing his journey. Highly recommend for each and every person who believes there must be a better way

A0029 - By Drechsel Olivier, 3rd November, 2016 - Life Changing Lecture

Mango is a visionary and the greatest utopist I know so far. I cried tears of joy many times while reading his positive and idealistic approach of our world. This book transformed me for the better.
The Eden fruitarian lifestyle has a tremendous potential for turning this world into the paradise we all dream of, and yet the logic behind it is so simple. I am grateful to you Mango for having the courage to write this book.
Much love to you!

A0028 - By Amazon Customer, 25th October, 2016 - The Best Book on Fruitarianism

This is by far the best book on the fruitarian diet. It is incredibly educational, beautifully write, inspirational and mind blowing. Every sentence I read made a ton of sense and gave me the courage to move forward with my fruitarian diet and continue to strive towards a perfectly ethical lifestyle. This book is literary one of its kind.

A0027 - By Kelly McGuire, 20th October, 2016 - Tears of Joy

At times this book was difficult reading for me, but at other times I cried tears of Joy. I absolutely love the vision shared within this book, and the author will never know how much he has been an inspiration to me, I pray with all my heart to one day follow the Eden Fruitarian path.

A0026 - By Caroline McDonald, 18th October, 2016 - Best Book

This is one of the best books I have ever read. Thank you Mango for writing such a great book. It has changed my life. Looking so forward to reading your next book.

A0025 - By Leilei Tian, 12th September, 2016 - Five Stars!

Wonderful book, well written with sincerity and sound conviction, simple and clear to read and very inspiring.

A0024 - By Sue Godden, 24th May, 2016 - A Vision Too Far

I had high hopes for this book but gave up halfway through. In a future world animals such as dogs cats etc will be extinct because we'll have no need to exploit them for companions? A vision too far in my view. Sorry, this book was not for me.

[NOTE From Mango:  - Sue has sadly misunderstood the vision outlined in the book, I simply dream of a wolrd where all adult individuals, regardless of species have gained their independance and are no longer bought, sold, given away or swapped as possessions. - While animals are in our possession and not given complete autonomy to come and go as they please, there will always be clear moral compromises which we will be forced to make. The book explains these in more detail, whilst also being sympathitec to the very real life situations and dependencies people currently find themselves in and having. I am unsure why she feels it is acceptable to exploit anyone for companionship.]

A0023 - By Amazon Customer, 31st March, 2016 - Excellent Reading!

It is an excellent reading. It points out right to the truth of the matter about us human beings. Disturbing at times but in a very positive way; pointing us to the discovery that we actually do not have to 'do' but rather stop to do the things we ware programed to do and be. Once we break our old habits the way to better living becomes so much clearer and simpler. I recommend it to anyone. I am also reading Mango's new book 'The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook'. Mango, thanks for writing this book.

A0022 - By P.M., 21st March, 2016 - This is truely a Fantastic Book

This is truly a fantastic book. I have been following Mango for years via his blog , and I must say that he is the oldest pioneer in the fruitarian community that I know. The book explains all the basics as well as more advanced subjects suggesting the tools, facts, ideas in order to change radically our current dark age world . I am not going to elaborate too much as I want to give the buyer the opportunity to find out for himself , but I must say that this book has changed me profoundly .

A0021 - By P.M., 17th March, 2016 - Highly Recommended and Very Well Written

An Amazing book . I recommend this book for anybody who starts a Fruitarian diet and as well as to the vegan community . Mango explains some very important concepts that are crucial for the future of humanity .

A0020 - By Amazon Customer, 27th February, 2016 - Highly Recommended and Very Well Written

This is a really good book. Highly recommended and EYE OPENING. I like Mango's sense of humour too.
If every person in the world read this book and put into place what Mango talks about, the global result would be astounding.

A0019 - By Kindle Customer, 18th February, 2016 - Just What I Needed!

This book came at a good time in my life, opening my eyes to the unbeatable nutrition contained within raw food, specifically fruit. Although I'm not planning on becoming fully fruitarian, I am taking steps in that direction. This book describes the practices of fruitarians, but goes into much more than that. Very interesting and easy read. The author writes very well, and in a way that makes the book flow very nicely.

A0018 - By Nik M., 13th February 2016 - Can you Handle the Truth?

Some books are meant to help mankind. This is one of them. Thanks.

A0017 - By Alan W., 13th February, 2016 - Absolutely Enchanting.

This is one of those life changing books that you'll be wanting to read and reread, and share joyously with the world. I know that I'll definitely be buying more copies to give as presents to family and friends!

A0016 - By Cara B, 13th February, 2016 - Five Stars!

Absolutely loved it!! Highly recommend this book

A0015 - By Elena Grassi, 9th February, 2016 - Thought Provoking and Heartfelt

This very extra-ordinary book highlights the craziness of the human lifestyle in modern societies, especially around food, but not exclusively. It surely will stimulate most readers to look more deeply into their own contradictions and to think twice about things they have given for granted until the day before. It also shares a very revolutionary vision of Eden that will sound unbelievable to many but which I totally endorse and which pushes the reader to explore new paradigms, which probably that best characteristic of the book. One good feeling about the book, also, is that the author is not speaking out of ideology or theories but has experienced and deeply thought through every single subject in the book and simply honestly sharing his conclusions and urging the readers to search for their own.

A0014 - By Cassidy Barbeau, 6th February, 2016 - Open Our Eyes!

What affirming and mindfulness this brilliant book offers.... How we eat is only one aspect of life and from this book we examine the true meaning our circles of compassion.

A0013 - By Catherine, 3rd February, 2016 - Four Stars

Fascinating read for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

A0012 - By Lissa, 3rd February, 2016 - I Really Love this Book

After 13 years, Mango has published his book "Destination Eden"!
I have to say "finally" as it is really very different to everything else I've read so far on the subject. Firstly, it's not really about food, but about many other things, from being barefoot, to politics. I was fascinated by it, and much of it really made me stop and think. Mango's a real free spirit. I can't follow his every step, but there is no obligation to either.

Whoever wants to broaden their horizon, and see things in a fully new light, his book can be ordered as either a paperback, e-book or as PDF via

A0011 - By Nicholas Perry, 3rd February, 2016 - A Unique Read

Mango is insightful about the fruitarian diet. His journey is unique and his advice is simple. He also writes with a good sense of humor, which makes this a pleasant read.

A0010 - By Michael Lanfield, 2nd February, 2016 - A Truely Spiritual/Ethical Book For Everyone Destination Eden is clearly one of the true spiritual-ethical books everyone needs to read in order to awaken and understand what our true biological diet and lifestyle needs are. If we are to survive as a species and co-exist with other beings, we need to understand that "Eden Fruitarianism", as Mango Wodzak coined, is what we need to embrace in our lives if we want to create a world of peace and love. No longer can we argue against the fact, that eating food from the Garden of Eden is what our bodies' are biologically designed for. A highly recommended book for everyone.

A0009 - By Daphne Fleurant Fortin, 2nd February, 2016 - Great Book, Very Well Written

Great book, very well written. A must read for anyone who has an interest in raw veganism or better, fruitarianism. A mix of Mango's personal toughts on fruitarianism, jokes, personal experiences and inspiring quotations.

A0008 - By Samantha Riggi, 2nd February, 2016 - A Unique Perspective and Worth the Read

This book offers a unique perspective on the moral implications behind food choices. As a vegan, I thought that my choices were as ethical as possible, but Destination Eden showed me an angle I hadn’t previously thought of. The idea behind Eden Fruitarianism is not only fascinating and thought provoking, but has already changed the way I look at certain staples that had been in my diet for years. This book is definitely worth the read.

A0007 - By Brittany M. Morgan, 2nd February, 2016 - Read and Soon!

Fellow destination eden readers and seekers, Mango's clever whit and clarity makes this book quite enjoyable and although much devastation in life is caused by humans there is a beautiful vision being shared that is wise, kind, and altogether a healthier way to co-habitat on earth. the feelings of a sensitive knowledgeable soul are expressed thoroughly as the author celebrates others joining him on a path away from cruelty and ignorance to embrace awareness and foresight in daily actions. Bravo! I have begun Mango's follow up book "The Eden Fruitarianism Guidebook" and the book is just as clever and informative; his words go even further in sharing how important human choices are as his words are working helpers to end cognitive dissonance. wishes for abundant health and beauty on earth, Briee.

A0006 - By Julie L, 2nd February, 2016 - Solid Information Guide

While fruitarianism isn't my thing, I've been wanting to read more about it since so many fellow vegans explore this lifestyle. I found this guide to be well written and informative. It's definitely going to be useful if I need to recommend reading materials to someone or if I choose to do a fruit fast in the future!

A0005 - By Michael Slusher, 2nd February, 2016 - A Great Motivator

This book is a great tool in the admirable goal to shed much of the industrialization of our lifestyle and our food. Written in an engaging and very personalized manner, by the time you finish the book, you will come to enjoy this author as a friend.

A0004 - By Kara M. Schunk, 2nd February, 2016 - A Mind-Blowing Read

This is an incredibly insightful and unique book. Many are quick to judge the concept of fruitarianism, but this book approaches it in a very logical and inspiring way that will challenge what you think you know.

A0003 - By ESA, 2nd February, 2016 - I really Enjoyed the Topic and Writing Style

This book is so well written. I really enjoyed the topic and the writing style.

A0002 - By Jonathon L.Byrd, 2nd February, 2016 - Guidebook for Living a Simple Life

More than just an in-depth look at the benefits of fruitarianism. Mango Wodzak provides insight into many aspects of living a simple life, in accordance with nature. Anyone seeking knowledge on improving their diet and lifestyle will find a ton useful information in this book.

A0001 - By Humanoid, 1st February, 2016 - Very well-written and important read

Very well-written and important read on a complex and often misunderstood topic. Still not sold on the idea that people should eat *exclusively* fruit, but I do think its significance has been downplayed and that its availability/accessibility needs to be increased. I especially appreciated, as a vegan, that this author spoke to the fact that veganism is NOT a diet-- it is a philosophy that encompasses many, many essential lifestyle changes and, more importantly than any of these, a radical shift in perspective on how we relate to nonhuman animals.


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