Eden Fruitarianism is an extension of the philosophy of veganism, embracing the ethics of respect, kindness and compassion for all life on earth and the understanding of mankind's true, spiritual nature and physiological needs as a manifested frugivorous species. It's basically Veganism++ (read as "veganism plus plus") as it goes beyond standard veganism and explores the many other ways in which we can seek to live more harmonically with the rest of our fellow earthlings.

It recognises an inherent will to exist present within all lifeforms, including plants, and values the concept of the golden rule; to treat every other life as if it were we ourselves living them. IE it understands that harm to a part is harm to the whole.

In addition to the avoidance of wilful harm toward all species, Eden Fruitarianism recognises the uniqueness of fruit as a truly paradisical food, ultimately gifted karmically freely by the plant, thus potentially obtainable without cause for deliberate injury or damage to any other lifeform.

The ultimate goal of the Eden Fruitarian philosophy and lifestyle is to aid toward the manifestation of an Earthly Eden. I have written three books which attempt to outline this philosophy in depth, and a fourth which focuses on my own journey to becoming fruitarian. You can see brief details of each book to the right, or click on their individual webpages available through the dropdown "Books" tab in the overhead menu.

I'd love to hear feedback from any who have read any of these books. - Please feel free to sign the "Reader Feedback" form, or drop me a line if you wish, but please don't expect an immediate response!


"How can we ever truly expect to live in paradise,

if we are unable to behave appropriately?"

- Mango

Destination Eden - Pushes the clutter aside, and gets down to the nitty gritty of what fruitarianism is really all about; bringing our attitudes and behaviours back into sync with a potential life spent in the garden of Eden.

The Eden Fruitarian guidebook - Not exactly a sequel to Destination Eden but more of a complintary tome, delving into more detail of every aspect raised within Destination Eden.

One of the first chapters within this book contains a list of 75 arguments frequently used in opposition to veganism, together with rational responses countering those arguments. I'm hoping that this will be a great resource for all vegans finding themselves up against criticism or in a debate with those who through their habits and lifestyles support animal exploitation.

One of the last chapters of the guidebook is dedicated to answering the many questions raised and sent to me by readers after finishing Destination Eden. All these questions, doubts and arguments against or sceptical toward this philosophy get answered there..

2020 Vision - This is my latest work (unleashed in February 2019). It focuses on many ways in which standard veganism falls short and can be improved by tweaking our day to day habits. 

Discovering Eden Fruitarianism - Volume One - This one is more personal. It's an autobiography, recounting the first three decades of my life, and the events which lead up to my awakening to Eden Fruitarianism. Volume Two is still in the pipeline, and will likely not be available until mid 2021 give or take 6 months or so..


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